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Why does my puppy keep going around the home?

The majority of parents get scared by the time their pup starts running around the house chasing something or someone. In the event that the puppy has plenty of activity, zoomies are typically removed.

The formation of social skills in puppies is dependent on play, and they need to be able to play a lot of. Dietary guidelines should provide the right amount of proteins, calcium and carbohydrates.

The loss of Appetite or Anorexia

An inability to eat for an animal could be a sign of health issues, therefore it’s vital to seek veterinary attention quickly at the first sign that your pet doesn’t need to take food. If your dog is a frequent snacker, this may be true.

There are many physical causes of a lack in appetite. This includes oral issues, ear infections and obstructions in the internal lining. If your dog is suffering from such issues, they could find it difficult to eat food because chewing is painful or swallow food.

An appetite loss can result from medication. If your dog has been taking medication, check with the vet to see if there are alternatives that you could consider in place.

You should give your dog the best, nutritious, and fresh food that doesn’t contain refined ingredients. It will provide your pet with the nutrition they require for a healthy, strong body without making them upset.

Discontent Biting

When young dogs have a high level of energy, it could be very frustrating to not be able to get what they want. When they realize what they’d like to have, they’ll blast at every obstacle (like a fence or leash) which is in their way.

Pets that are stressed as well as fearful and reactive could be frustrated, angry and even bit. Dogs who are anxious or scared can be frustrated and bite.

It is possible to train your puppy to use their impulse control instead of teeth in order to manage frustration. They can be distracted from frustration by steering their attention to something they are interested in.

Then, you can give them the command to leave it. This will end the biting behaviour in the event that they become frustrated. Praise and reward them for successfully completing these commands.

Temperament Tantrums

Puppies often have temperamental tantrums when feeling upset or frustrated about something. Dogs may bite, chew or attack other dogs or humans.

In excess stimulation, it can lead to tumults in the form of when your pet is playing alongside another puppy when suddenly you end your dog from playing. Then, it could be a good idea to instruct your dog to go outside in the event that they are acting out.

It is possible for [email protected] your dog to be stiff and frozen in the time of a temper-tantrum. They might also move their lips in the hope of showing their teeth, growl, or expose their bones. If you treasured this article and you would like to collect more info with regards to (click the following page)/ (click the following page) i implore you to visit the page. They might also chew or shout at you often and might even bite you.

It is possible to ignore your dog in case they’re throwing tantrums until you can calm them down. It can be difficult to keep your pup from screaming however, you should not allow them to get out of it. Your dog will learn that throwing tantrums won’t earn them anything and they will learn to control their emotions.

You can play with your mouth!

Some dogs go beyond playful mouthing. They might nip and bite that can turn into aggression.

Pets that bite or bite are usually puppy who haven’t learned how to bite in a non-threatening and gentle manner. If you want to help, consult a Certified Professional Dog Trainer to assist in addressing this issue.

If your dog starts to bite you when he is playing, be sure to yell at him loudly in order to stop him. When he starts to mouth in a louder manner, hand him a short time out.

A brief break from playing can be a good reinforcement to keep your dog in a calm, non-aggressive manner. It teaches your dog how to take a break and understands you are allowed to interrupt your fun.

Why You Need Online Dance Studio Management Software

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As a dance studio manager or owner, you have to accept that things are not easy at all to handle and manage day to day affairs at your dance studio.

There are so many tasks to handle that it can easily take its toll on you. You are the sole in-charge when it comes to teaching dance, manage staff, and keep track of students. If you cherished this informative article along with you would like to receive more details relating to bocoran Slot hari ini i implore you to check out the web page. It seems as if there's so much to do in so little time. It is easy to forget amongst all this that your primary objective for setting up your own dance studio was to dance and teach others how to dance, but now you are finding it hard even to take time out to teach dance to students.

You have to do something to relieve yourself of hectic workload and investing in a fully integrated online dance studio management software can be just what the doctor ordered at the right time for you. Administrating a business on your own, or even with the help of your team, is a challenging task.

It can take a lot of time and you may even struggle to enjoy quality time with your family members. How many software applications are you using to manage your business? It is likely that you are using spreadsheets, Word documents, and other applications to manage your business.

Juggling around these applications is not an easy task as well, so why not use one dance studio management software that eliminates the need to use multiple applications.

Many Software Needs of a Dance Studio

  • Scheduling
  • Payment processing
  • Maintaining fees payments
  • Staff management and payroll
  • Online selling of products and services
  • Direct communication with clients
  • Financial reporting
  • Marketing

There are individual software applications that can serve aforementioned functions, but if you're looking to avoid the confusion of using individual applications, you should use an integrated, all-in-one software package that can perform all these tasks for you.

Are you unsure of using an effective because you've never used it before? Relax, you can easily use this software because it has a user-friendly interface that is easy to understand and use.

Good thing about this software is that it is offered absolutely free for the initial period of one month, so that the studio owners can have adequate time at their disposal to test its efficiency and get familiarized with its features and controls. One month is enough time for studio owners to test the efficiency of this software.

Looking at its easy to use features it can be said with certainty that online dance studio management software is the best tool to manage and run your dance studio with minimum hassle. Do not hold back the decision to invest in this software just because your studio is new and you're looking for ways to keep costs down. In fact, this efficient tool can help you to save costs in terms of extra manpower needed to manage different administrative tasks.

ClassBug offers cost effective, easy-to-use dance studio management software solution for studio owners, educators, instructors, and anyone inside class management. Use the world’s most user-friendly studio manager!

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Brielle Biermann keeps casual at LAX Airport as she heads back to ATL

Brielle Biermann, , was spotted moving through LAX Airport in on Thursday.

The 25-year-old  co-founder kept her look low-key as she donned a black outfit.

The young beauty was decked out in threads by the celebrity-loved brand Chrome Hearts, topping the look with a light gray Louis Vuitton beanie.

Skintight leggings hugged her toned stems as she walked in chunky platform black booties that gave her height.

Biermann, who took the last name of stepdad Kroy Biermann in 2011, carried a pink LV duffle bag over her shoulder.

On the go: Brielle Biermann, the daughter of Bravo TV star Kim Zolciak, was spotted moving through LAX Airport on Wednesday

On the go: Brielle Biermann, the daughter of Bravo TV star Kim Zolciak, was spotted moving through LAX Airport on Wednesday

Biermann covered her eyes in a pair of square-shaped black sunglasses with gold accents.

She appeared to go makeup-free under the shades, and she let her thick blonde-highlighted hair spill down her back.

Her hooded sweatshirt featured the popular brand’s cross-shaped logos going down the sleeves in multiple colors.

In addition to her weekender bag, Brielle also toted some belongings in a small white quilted Chanel purse. 

The reality television personality was joined on the cross-country getaway by friend Parker Lipman.

He trailed behind her, also dressed in black as he wheeled around black Louis Vuitton luggage as well as a silver suitcase. 

Biermann appeared on Instagram throughout her trip to keep her 1.3 million followers abreast on her vacation.

Her time in Los Angeles was filled with food adventures, according to her social media.

Airport style: The 25-year-old KAB Cosmetics co-founder kept her look low-key as she donned a black outfit

Airport style: The 25-year-old KAB Cosmetics co-founder kept her look low-key as she donned a black outfit

Designer threads: The young beauty was decked out in threads by the celebrity-loved brand Chrome Hearts, topping the look with a light gray beanie

Designer threads: The young beauty was decked out in threads by the celebrity-loved brand Chrome Hearts, topping the look with a light gray beanie

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<img website

Pick a printed hoodie like Brielle in Chrome Hearts

<div class="fff-inline-image-container fff-orig-product"


Brielle Biermann looked stylishly cosy as she arrived at the airport.

We immediately recognised the reality star's Chrome Hearts hoodie thanks to its signature crucifix motifs.

Made from cotton, this oversized design incorporates an adjustable hood, kangaroo pocket and colourful print along each sleeve. It looks effortlessly cool with leggings and platform boots.

The best news? Brielle's hoodie is available to buy at StockX. Click through to place your bid.

Or discover a similar style from the carousel, including options by The Couture Club, Ed Hardy and SHEIN.

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The socialite and influencer stopped by Irv’s Burgers in West Hollywood, and later recorded a video discussing its significance.

‘Out here. We watched [the movie] The Menu last night. And I ordered a burger from Irv’s the other day and I saw that burger was on there but I didn’t know that it was from that movie, and then last night as I was watching the movie I was like, “Oh my god – we have to go back there!”‘ she said in the clip.

Brielle also made her way to hot spot Il Pastaio where she sipped from a glass of red wine. 

By Thursday morning she was ready to make her way back to Georgia, where she resides with her family.

In another snippet recorded on an airplane she said into the camera: ‘Bye, LA. Had so much fun!’ 

And she noted in one post, ‘All I’ve done in LA is eat. I’m done. I don’t even eat this much in Atlanta and the food is significantly better there. diet starts TOMORROW.’ 

Headed home: Brielle said she'd been in LA too long in a short clip posted online

Headed home: Brielle said she’d been in LA too long in a short clip posted online

Foodie: Brielle also made her way to hot spot Il Pastaio where she sipped from a glass of red wine

Foodie: Brielle also made her way to hot spot Il Pastaio where she sipped from a glass of red wine

Yum! The socialite and influencer stopped by Irv's Burgers in West Hollywood, and later recorded a video discussing its significance; with friend Parker Lipman

Yum! The socialite and influencer stopped by Irv’s Burgers in West Hollywood, and later recorded a video discussing its significance; with friend Parker Lipman

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Play It Such As A Expert: Basketball Tips And Tricks

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Soccer could well be the most common sport activity in the usa. From junior high school game titles towards the expert leagues, a large number of guys and men aspire to effectiveness between the finish areas. If you would like be described as a far better football person, or perhaps have an idea where to start, keep reading.

When attemping to boost being a soccer player, don’t worry about getting excess weight on. Except if you are actually really little, body weight isn’t as essential as other variables. Concentrate on durability, coaching and agility and you may increase your enjoy. Place on excessive bodyweight and you might drop some advantages.

Problem oneself more for exercise, then for your game of soccer alone. Although you have to be all set for game time, practice is going to take the most from you personally. Therefore, it’s important that the conditioning keep you approximately par in practice and building a great effect there, to prevent significantly table time.

Constantly use safety products when actively playing baseball. When you aren’t effectively fitted then you run the chance of obtaining a critical damage. Don’t hold the appropriate materials? Don’t enjoy! Possible traumas that could take place are shattered bones and paralysis. These things may possibly prevent you from ever enjoying once again.

Should you play a recipient place in soccer, work with the fundamental basics on the place. Capture the tennis ball with both of the hands, but secure it by keeping it near the body and covering up it with the forearms. Operate towards the end sector, and also continue to keep tacklers for your again. It will help you retain the tennis ball which will help prevent a fumble.

Jogging backside are members of the offense. For the operating play, the quarterback might complete the tennis ball to your working back who will operate the soccer ball so far as he can. As soon as the golf ball is headed in the oxygen, the running again could help shield the quarterback from tacklers or he may make an effort to get open to get a pass.

Exercise all that you can. Basketball may look straightforward when watching it on television, but that’s far from the facts. It’s an extremely bodily demanding sport activity which also consider a lot of human brain strength. You have to bear in mind patterns and believe on the ft . with very little notice to succeed. All this will take practice.

Work towards exercise routines that’ll enhance your overall speed. During a soccer game, you’ll be asked to sprint a good deal. This can certainly tax your body. You’ll be forced throughout every single game. To get ready for it, build sprints into exercise classes. It’ll allow you to carry out the very best that you could arrive game time.

A recipient should work to supply a target for their quarterback. The aim is for the tennis ball to be transported to your belly. Should you be to the quarterback’s proper, place your left left arm on top of your proper left arm. Also, if the soccer ball is left, set the proper left arm on top of of the kept left arm. This lets you shield the soccer ball to the best of your capability.

Continuously make your workouts tougher. If you loved this posting and you would like to receive extra information pertaining to 스포츠북 kindly visit our own web page. Don’t just manage, but operate hauling weight load. Don’t simply do squats, do them whilst positioning a barbell. Do these work outs under the assistance of your respective mentor or even a instructor so that you don’t wind up injuring yourself, but do press you to ultimately your restrictions.

Becoming sizeable can assist you soccer occasionally, but don’t wear a bunch of fat. Fat could be damaging as you may age group, especially when you stop doing exercises and working out a whole lot. Consider putting on some muscular mass and try retaining body fat small.

Basketball is actually a competing sport activity that is certainly frequently in comparison to fighting a battle in the war. Obviously you aren’t looking to kill your rival, rather you are trying to prepare a method and game plan to report far more points than them. Instructors should put together new techniques and formulate a structure that throws away from the other staff, all while you attempt to end them, too.

In no way attempt enjoying by way of any sort of discomfort. If you believe almost any ache within your body, educate your trainer and quit playing until finally you may get it examined. Actively playing by way of discomfort could cause a small injuries to be a severe one particular. You can find yourself sitting out the remainder of the period which means you did not skip that certain video game.

A highly effective quarterback should demonstrate great leadership attributes. To help you produce your authority capabilities go through many self improvement guides. These textbooks will instruct you on how to effectively communicate with other individuals, how you can give favourable critique and establish a teamwork between your teammates. Recall individuals want a innovator who has their very best likes and dislikes at heart.

Be aware about keeping yourself hydrated with drinking water during basketball process and online games. It is approximated that the baseball person putting on a consistent can be dehydrated after as little as a half-hour. Drinking water is vital for hydration, as well as for moving fresh air and vitamins and minerals to the tissue of your body.

Find out the very best treating methods by watching instructional videos and exercising their tactics usually. The ideal video tutorials can have that athletes must stay lower and hit by lowering their shoulder area and showing up in the gamers with their belly. Once you have acquired this important tackling technique, it will be possible to avoid many of the opposing team’s performs.


As soon as a ref whistles that the tennis ball is lifeless, you have 40 moments just before you need to start a perform. If there are under 40 secs left in the video game, it is possible to practically just stand there before the online game time clock runs out. If there are other than 40 seconds so you don’t commence the perform, you will certainly be penalized.

Now you have read through this article, you need to know some tips regarding the bet on football which you did not earlier know. Utilize them in the direction of individual achievement about the discipline. Be aware that you may be a fantastic football player once your familiarity with the overall game means your bodily skills.

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A Amateur Can Generate Income

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You will no longer must be utilized in order to make funds. The truth is, individuals spanning various ages are looking online to make extra cash. There is no purpose good reasons to be limited through the poor overall economy. All you need is a doing work Connection to the internet along with a system that allows you to hook up on the internet. Additionally, it is simple to benefit from the advice under.

If buying your own personal blog is a bit as well time consuming, however, you would continue to like to create and earn money, point about developing posts for existing weblogs. There are numerous out there, including Weblogs and PayPerPost. With a bit of analysis and a little bit of effort, you can get setup using these web sites and start making money in no time.

Get started little when you need to generate income on the internet, to reduce probable deficits. For instance, something which seems encouraging could come to be a bust and also you don’t would like to lose considerable time or funds. Execute a individual taks, publish just one report or purchase just one single object till the internet site you choose turns out to be secure and deserving.

Remember how valuable your time is just before operating on the internet. What would you like your per hour level being? In the event you start out affordable, ggbet you will find a quite hard time at any time earning more. Individuals will think that you are currently not really worth lots of money and will pay out in a low-cost way.

Freelancing is the best way to work online. There are numerous of web sites that will enable you to sign on and put within an thought or proposal. Customers then search possible choices and determine what they wish to acquire. Freelancing is best suited for expertise that involve things such as programming and details entry.

Create genuine evaluations of some of the new software that is certainly out on the market today. SoftwareJudge can be a site which will pay you to test out this new computer software and make a report on how excellent or bad you think it is. This will increase your revenue if this can be achieved usually.

Use affiliate marketers in your personalized internet site. Have you got a website or some other type of reputation on the web? Do you get a great deal of visitors? Try affiliate marketing. It needs minimal hard work by you. By registering your site with internet sites like Search engines Google adsense, you might come up with a quite a bit in passive income.

Convert papers in case you are fluent in a secondly vocabulary and wish to generate profits around the area. Browse the freelancing web sites to find people that will require stuff changed in to a distinct terminology. This can be anyone from your big corporation to a specific who wants to translate anything for any friend.

Should you be proficient at creating, it could be a wonderful idea for you personally to enroll in a few independent sites. This can be a wonderful way to come up with a legit income without having departing the home. How much cash you earn is determined by just how much you are likely to put in it, and ggbet ( that means you are in charge of your own personal revenue.

Think about producing and writing an e book on Amazon . com. Publishing for yourself is now well-liked currently. This is ideal for making profits no matter if you’re an industry skilled or an article writer. A few different publishing programs are available. Commission payment charges as much as 70Percent are offered on some.

Publishing a guide on your own is a great way to generate income on the internet. Self-submit an e-reserve on the web site for example Amazon . com. Plenty of authors promote their operate this way and profit from it.

A number of web sites around buy individuals to do tasks that cannot be dealt with by way of a personal computer. It could be flagging unacceptable activity or seeking the name of any enterprise over a sales receipt. These jobs call for individual learning ability to discover the answer. These are pretty very easy to carry out and can provide you with some extra cash.

Watch out for fraudsters who want to promote you the things they claim is really a fool-proof way to make money on the web. A great deal of occasions, they expect you to shell out funds in improve prior to they inform you just what the chance is. Commonly, they feature simply common information about how to put together your own personal organization and marketing strategies.

Compose on-line to make money. You will find quite a few reputable businesses that pay customers to publish posts online. You can find numerous firms that will probably pay one to compose various happy with various subjects. If you like producing, you want to do analysis to consider businesses that will probably pay anyone to compose on-line.

Make extra income on the part with email marketing. This can be a great way to promote an organization and utilize the members that you need to your benefit. You can expect to basically deliver a message or promote a product or service to your huge pool of customers and obtain paid out dollars to do so.

To completely make money online, consider putting together your very own internet site and getting all of the control. You could promote things for an affiliate marketing or supply specialist professional services, among various other points. While employed by other people can earn you a good income, there’s nothing like raking in all the income and calling every one of the shots on your own!

Develop your grammar and spelling capabilities. One of the best methods to create online cash is via producing. Freelancing and residual income both count on this ability. In the event you write badly, you will not get employed.

Do you need adaptable hrs along with a dependable income? In that case, online tutoring might be precisely what your physician ordered. There are various stuff that must be done to become an online coach, which includes background record checks and knowledge screening even so, following these are typically done you can begin assisting students have an schooling.

Start off your web earning these days by using the excellent suggestions discussed on this page. Making a living is not as difficult as it might seem, you simply need to know how to get moving. By choosing to place your appropriate foot frontward, you might be heading off into a excellent start off making money to help make comes to an end meet.

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What’s Contextual Concentrating On, In The Context Of Ads?

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Creatives for contextual focusing on should be optimized in actual time to ship the most contextually related product recommendations for every webpage. Contextual advertising represents a large portion ofinternet promoting. The largest player in contextual advertising is, in fact, Google with its AdSense platform. AdSense permits a publisher to insert code all through a website the place advertisements are served by AdSense.

Decide whether or not you want to attain a smaller viewers or a wider one. Answering these questions can set a fantastic platform on your digital advertising. The information should be timely, relevant, and authoritative to create informative contextual content material.

Some of the major advantages of contextual advertising embrace the following. For instance, if visitors are on an influence instruments website and so they see an ad for repair parts for the same tools, they are a subject of contextual promoting. It has little or no to do with their habits and every thing to do with the surroundings they’re in.

That’s how they studied the information and innovated electrical cars that are now considerably sold more than Mercedes-Benz. To flat out pick one over the opposite would not be truthful, provided that both contextual and behavioral targeting strategies have their professionals and cons. The entire point of behavioral promoting is to serve customized adverts to the customers relying on what they have been doing, reading, or watching. Some customers only interact in sure conduct as a outcome of they’ve explicit interests however no intention to buy something.

This is most evident in how so many cannabis brands market to and acquire prospects. Our options for marketers, brands, retailers, and publishers assist you to attain individuals in all stages of their buying journey. Digital advertisers depend on data to personalize and optimize every campaign. Contextual advertising is still a relatively new field, and as such, there is no one-size-fits-all strategy to implementation.

When the consumer visits the web page the advertisements displayed are matched with the info, delivering relevant results. Contextual advertising work is rooted in the environment during which the person is exploring or сео продвижения сайта buying, it offers a diverse variety of benefits to each the advert publishers and the customers. Such ads will not have anything to do with footwear but for the explanation that promoting is based on the person’s conduct and what they did earlier, they’re seeing these ads. For instance, in behavioral adverts if a customer has read an article about reasonably priced hosting companies and now they’re on a website that sells shoes, they might see advertisements associated to hosting services.

It takes into account textual content, language, page construction, link structure, whereas taking your keywords into account, on high of different concentrating on. Platforms, corresponding to IBM Watson Advertising Accelerator, leverage AI to understand shopper engagement and different related data indicators to find out one of the best artistic for every consumer. Dynamic creative optimization can be utilized quite lots of platforms, including The Weather Channel digital properties, OTT, and video. In a examine done by Forrester, respondents with an immature personalization technique saw a 6% increase in gross sales and a 33% increase in buyer loyalty and engagement. Relevancy is becoming more necessary to consumers and 64% say it’s important that manufacturers give them related, personalized offers.

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Оформить Кредит Онлайн

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Оформить онлайн-заявку на кредит умереть и не встать шиздец банки Москва.

Не взирая на то, что кредит обнаруживается шибким и еще эффективным лекарственное средство постановления денежных проблем, безвыгодный все находят решение сверху этот шассе ради сложности операции его оформления.

[url=]Кредит Онлайн На Карту Без Посещения Как Взять Кредит В Сбербанке Онлайн[/url]

Подать Заявку Онлайн Заявка На Кредит Наличными

ДЛЯ фортуне, онлайн турзаявка на кредит в Третьеримск может помочь эпохально облегчить данную функцию а также надергать заповедную сумму в самое большее укороченный срок да сверх никчемных попыток раз-два вашей стороны.

Преимущество онлайн-заявки сверху кредит.

Энный покупательский счет, Подать Заявку Онлайн Заявка На Кредит Наличными кредит наличными, закладная равным образом т.

разумеют длительное изучение абсолютно всех услуг, подготовку паспортов, Альфа Банк Онлайн Заявка На Кредит консультации с спецами и экскурсия отделений банков.

Он-лайн заявка сверху счет во шиздец банки Третьеримск сверху данном фоне иметь в распоряжении последующими преимуществами.
специальный электрокалькулятор кредитов в течение Третьеримск пособит быстро рассчитать все фон он-лайн в течение этом доле подогнуть лучшую прибыльную ставку ; все требуемые бумаги хоть подать на банк на расстоянии, Оформить Как Взять Кредит В Сбербанке Онлайн Наличными Без Справок Онлайн чрез специальную фигуру; хоть далеко не гостить отделение банка заявку можно бросить на произвол судьбы на сайте.

Таким образом, эвентуальность подать заявку сверху счет онлайн в течение Москва дозволяет оформить кредит бессчетно получаясь из дома.
Чтобы взять кредит онлайн, Подать Заявку Онлайн Заявка На Кредит Наличными что поделаешь вытворить следующее.

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Turkish foreign minister says he could meet Syrian counterpart…

Maret 3, 2023   Tak Berkategori

ISTANBUᏞ, Turkish Law Firm Jan 12 (Reuters) – Turkish Law Firm Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said on Thuгsday that һе could meet his Syrian counteгpart Faіsal Mеkdaⅾ early in February, rejecting repоrts that the two coulⅾ meet next week.

“We have said before that there were some propositions for a date for next week but that they did not suit us … It could be at the beginning of February, we are working on a date,” Cavusoglu said, ѕpeaking on a live broadcast.

(Reporting by Huseyin Haʏatsever ɑnd Turkish Law Firm Ali Kucᥙkgocmen; Editing by Alison Williams)


For Turkish Law Firm those who have virtually any issues concerning whеre by and alsߋ the way to employ Turkish Law Firm, you’ll be able to e mail us with our own page.

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LIZ JONES: White van man was a lockdown hero. Now it's total chaos 

Maret 3, 2023   Tak Berkategori

During the pandemic, delivery drivers became heroes overnight.
They rendered it unnecessary to venture outside to the Co-op, evDEN evE NAkliyAT where the shop assistant, shielded from you by a huge Perspex screen, would then lick her fingers to open your carrier bag.

In the darkest depths of , online shopping seemed to be our national saviour.

I’m certain at one point we were encouraged to clap for delivery drivers, along with health workers and the men who collect the recycling even if they sometimes manage to leave a few bottle tops, cardboard boxes and yogurt pots as a sort of dirty protest.

And I’m such a loyal customer, I must have been photographed in just knickers and thick socks more often than as proof that my parcel has been delivered.

So it saddens me to say that I am now at war with my delivery drivers.

These former angels of furlough – who gamely brought those idle Amazon purchases right to our front doors, without consideration for their personal safety – have become as hopeless as our striking posties.

In the darkest depths of lockdown, online shopping seemed to be our national saviour. Pictured: Stock image

In the darkest depths of lockdown, online shopping seemed to be our national saviour.

Pictured: Stock image

Even the generally nice man from Waitrose.

Now that supermarket deliveries are made sans carrier bags, he thinks nothing of solemnly handing me my box of black hair dye. It’s all so familiar and disdainful. I swear that one day he is going to say, sotto voce: ‘Wouldn’t a dark brown, and semi-permanent, be more suitable?’

Last week, some other idiot delivery man knocked on the door, then just stood there, mute.

‘Speak, eVDEn Eve nakLiyAT man!’ I said, above the noise of my dogs’ barking.

‘Is this number three?’ he said.

I pointed to the big number eight on the front door.

‘Molly?’ he said, trying his luck again.

‘No!’ It was clearly a Valentine’s gift. ‘Do I look like I have a boyfriend?’

‘Frankly, no,’ he said, shuffling away.

My postman is no better.

He knows he sets off my dogs, but still insists on delivering leaflets for funerals and Sky Glass tellies. Whenever he brings me a parcel, I ask him: ‘Something interesting?’

‘I doubt it,’ he replies, deadpan.

What’s got into delivery men? And my postwoman, for that matter, who recently shoved a card through my door, despite me being in (listen, lady, I’m not Usain Bolt…).

When I caught up with her later, I was told my package was now at the local depot.

When I looked it up, the Post Office website states proudly: ‘Open 8am to 10am.’ What do they do for the rest of the day?

So it saddens me to say that I am now at war with my delivery drivers, these former angels of furlough. Stock image

So it saddens me to say that I am now at war with my delivery drivers, these former angels of furlough.

Stock image

DPD can be quite reliable (John-Paul, I salute you!). And Lewis, who delivers my coffee beans from Coffee Plant on Portobello Road once a month, you are a life-saver.

The man who owns my local deli is also heroic, but says when he brings around my haul that he now feels ‘a little like your dealer’.

But I simply cannot overlook the men who just sit in their vans outside my house, eating (like smoking, it should be banned), refusing to hand over the goods as ‘there is still three minutes to go’ until his break is officially over.

Or the delivery driver who wouldn’t let me open the package from Daylesford to see if my drinks glasses had made it to me intact, to whom I replied: ‘My dad didn’t fight the Nazis so that you can not have the balls to undo a box!’ Or the man who, when I ordered logs, replied: ‘I will be around on Wednesday – unless, of course, it’s icy.’

And I am not alone in my despair.

TikTok and Twitter are awash with incidents of parcels being thrown in a hedge or dropped into a wheelie bin.

In the United States, one altercation involving a female FedEx delivery driver ended with her yelling at the customer: ‘You can kiss my white ass – I can’t understand what you’re saying, this is America!’ (The driver later apologised, saying: ‘I’m frustrated.

It’s cold outside and I’m just trying to gather my thoughts.’)

My worst experience with delivery drivers came just before Christmas. I’d ordered a book on gardens as a gift, eVden EVe nAkliYAt knowing it would easily fit through my letterbox.

But no.
I returned home to a card that stated it had been delivered to a DIY shop in town. I drove to the shop, melting ice caps along the way. I told the man inside that him being a delivery hub defeated the whole object of online shopping.

‘I might just have well driven to a bookshop and cut you out of the equation entirely!’ I told him, as he fumbled through hundreds of packages with all the speed of a dead snail.

‘I’m just a cog,’ he told me, caring not one jot.

(It’s the indifference that really riles me.)

Being deaf, I misheard him. ‘At last! Some accountability! Thank you! You are, indeed, a c**k!’

Meanwhile, I can no longer buy a Phillips screwdriver within a 25-mile radius of my home.
Am I going to have to order one on Amazon?

Cyber-flashing? All I get is OAP abuse

I watched, fascinated, Asking For It?, the Emily Atack documentary about cyber-flashing on BBC1 last week.

She gets hundreds of unsolicited pics of male genitalia sent to her every day.

If you have any thoughts about where and how to use eVDeN EVe nAkLiyAt, you can call us at the web-site. All I’ve received in the past few weeks is a letter (remember those?) from George, who is 70. I don’t believe he has a smartphone.

‘Dear Liz. I enjoy your writing, but you seem to have been under more sheets than the Ku Klux Klan. You also have the sort of face a dog wouldn’t lick.’

I wish, darling George.

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Russia's Polymetal negotiates to keep London listing as GDRs

Maret 3, 2023   Tak Berkategori

This content was produced in Russia where the law restricts coverage of Russian military operations in Ukraine

By Anastasia Lyrchikova

MOSCOW, EVDEN eVe nAKliyAt Feb 9 (Reuters) – Russian gold and silver producer Polymetal is negotiating with British authorities to keep its London listing in the form of global depositary receipts (GDR) after the company moves to Kazakhstan, EvdEN EVe NaKLiyAT the company’s CEO told Reuters.

Polymetal last month said it was considering moving its parent company’s domicile and primary listing, currently in Jersey and London respectively, to “Russia-friendly” Kazakhstan, which “could unblock the ability to execute further corporate actions”.

The move would allow the company to spin off the Kazakh business, which accounts for eVdEn Eve nAKliyAT about 38% of revenue and 32% of annual production. While domiciled in Jersey, deemed an “unfriendly” jurisdiction by Russia, no separation of assets is possible.

“We want to take the Kazakh business out of the shadows, out from under the canopy of sanctions,” CEO Vitaly Nesis told Reuters.

“That’s why we have to split up the company first.”

Nesis said the company’s management was in discussions with the London Stock Exchange, eVdEn EVe NaKliYAt the FCA regulator and service providers about retaining a form of LSE listing after the move to Astana and was counting on clarity within 1-2 months.

“We are applying maximum efforts to maintain our listing in London, but given the recent, ninth sanctions package…the task is not simple. Many service providers are reluctant even to engage in dialogue about securing a listing after the move.”

The decision about changing the listing will be put to shareholders and requires 75% approval.

The European Union’s ninth sanctions package bars investment in Russia’s mining industry.

Polymetal has not been individually targeted with sanctions imposed against Moscow, but has faced hurdles.

Shares in the miner have slumped almost 80% in London since Moscow sent troops into Ukraine on Feb.

24 last year. According to Nesis, its share of institutional investors has “significantly decreased”, although BlackRock retains around 7. When you beloved this article and also you wish to receive guidance about evdEN eVE nAKliYaT kindly go to the web-site. 5%.

Nesis said the outcome of talks was likely to be a GDR listing, rather than a premium listing.

The company will only be able to return to paying dividends once the move to Astana is complete.

He said sales have already been separated – the business in Kazakhstan sells all its gold to the central bank, while in Russia last year the majority of metal was sold to Asia.

But starting from 2023, Polymetal has returned to Russia’s rapidly growing domestic market with gold sales from its Russian assets, Nesis said, and is not engaged in export.

(Reporting by Anastasia Lyrchikova; Writing by Alexander Marrow; editing by Barbara Lewis)

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